About Us

Sharing The Power Foundation supports organizations and initiatives that advance environmental justice and contribute to an equitable distribution of benefits produced by the Clean Energy Economy.

Our Partners

We partner with environmental causes by funding grassroots solutions to complex environmental challenges. 

The Foundation also invests in the next generation of environmental leaders by equipping students with the experience, professional development, and funding necessary for them to attain and thrive in sustainability and clean energy careers.

Our History

Sharing the Power Foundation was established as part of Volt Energy Utility’s Environmental Justice Power Purchase Agreement™ (EJPPA).
Volt Energy Utility, an African-American owned utility-scale solar development firm, created the EJPPA after recognizing corporate emissionality goals can be leveraged into efforts that advance community impact.

Volt Energy Utility's founder Gilbert Campbell envisioned a process through which the basic tool used to finance major solar projects — the PPA — could produce a funding stream to support environmental justice causes. A percentage of revenue produced by these projects is dedicated to funding Sharing the Power Foundation. The EJPPA serves the dual purpose of assisting corporations in meeting and exceeding their clean energy milestones while fulfilling commitments to programs that promote environmental justice and equitably distribute the benefits of a clean energy economy. 

In 2021, Volt Energy Utility announced the groundbreaking EJPPA with Microsoft. With the assistance of Microsoft and other corporate partners, Sharing the Power Foundation became a reality.
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The Foundation’s leaders come from a broad range of backgrounds and have a diversity of expertise and experiences that spans science and technology, public policy, education, communications, law and business. 
Gilbert Campbell

Foundation Board Chair
Founder & CEO
Volt Energy Utility

Lauren Strickland

Director of Clean Jobs and Environmental Justice Programs

Sharing the Power Foundation

Laura Miller

Acting Vice President of Operations

Sharing the Power Foundation

Reagan Russell

Fellow and Intern

Eli Hopson

Foundation Board Member

Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer at the Coalition for Green Capital

Erik Lensch

Foundation Board Member
Leyline Renewable Capital, LLC

Dr. Pamela Carpenter

Foundation Board Member
The Healing Oak, LLC

Nedra Dickson

Foundation Board Member
Managing Director

Paula Glover

Foundation Board Member
Alliance to Save Energy

Dr. Aisha Dickerson

Foundation Board Member
Bloomberg Assistant Professor of American Health in Environmental Challenges
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Dr. Janelle Burke

Foundation Board Member
Director of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program
Howard University

Dr. Olubemiga Olatidoye

Foundation Board Member
Professor of Engineering
Clark Atlanta University

Eric Grant

Foundation Board Member
Volt Energy Utility